Plugs On/Off Indicator faulty in app

This is a weird one.

I have my plugs (2021 version) in groups to turn lamps on/off by room. When I switch them on via the app, the “on” will indicate for a second and then switch back to “off” even though the lights are on.

And if I click onto the group to open it, seeing all the individual plugs in that group it will indicate that the lights are on. Annoying.

I deleted the app and reinstalled but it made no difference.

Anyone deal with this?

I haven’t seen that with my plugs. Just wondering…did it start today or has this been an issue for some time?

It’s been going on for a few weeks, since I had to re-set my plugs after updating my network. Maybe it has something to do with my network settings?

Wouldn’t think so or they shouldn’t work at all. Could be some issue communicating with the Wyze servers. Just to sound like a broken record, did you try rebooting your router?

I have rebooted my router in that time and it didn’t change anything.

It’s happening on both my and my partner’s apps.

Looks like you are using iPhone/iPad? Do you have access to an android device to see if it is OS specific? What version of the app are you running?

I don’t have access to android. I’m running the latest version, 2.23.21.

Are you running the latest Plug 2021 firmware? You should be at

Wyze app Home > tap your plug group > tap a plug icon > plug settings (gear icon upper right) > Device Info > Firmware Version

Yes they are all up to date.

The only other thing I can think of to try is unplug the plugs from the wall receptacle for a few minutes, then plug them back in and wait for them to reestablish a WiFi connection.

I have the same problem: I touch “Off” on my iPhone, “On” shows up for a second, the appliance is switched on, then the icon reverts to “Off” but the appliance stays on. If I close the app, open it again, close it again, and open it again, the icon correctly reads “On.”

So the Wyze “Plug” (actually a socket) is usable, and I’m now used to the anomaly, but the glitch is annoying. No such glitch with my two Wyze Cams.

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