Outdoor Plug 1 and Plug 2's On/Off indicators still Not Working

My Outdoor Plug 1 and Plug 2’s On/Off indicators still Not Working. Performed everything asked by Wyze help desk and still no help. Replaced the Outdoor Plug and still no help. I even waited for several firmware updates for both the App and Device and still no help. Specifically, the App’s Home Screen On/Off indicator is reporting false status. When I turn plug 1 “On”, the indicator (circle turns green with ON in the circle), but then immediately turns off. It acts like a toggle switch, but does not toggle the power on the Outdoor Plug. Same thing happens for plug 2. However, the device page with the large circle ON/OFF indicator works ok. All my other devices (wall plugs and cams) are working and the Home Page On/Off indicators are working correctly. Please Help, its approaching 6 months and it’s still not working. Thank you.

Hello @klevonius and welcome to the community.

Could you tell me what app version you are on?

The app version: it’s the most updated, but can’t remember where to look for the version.

Outdoor Plug version:

Lower left of app should say account, click on that, scroll to bottom and click on account. The reason I ask for app is because I had this problem a few months ago and it was fixed by updating the app.

Hello Jason, My account is on the lower right. And when I click on that using my iphone, I don’t have to scroll down because the account is the first choice. When I click on that, I don’t see anything for app firmware version.

Sorry after account on the lower right then scroll down to ‘about’ and click on that

I found it under About: The Wyze app version is v2.25.21. Remember, this is on my iPhone 11Pro.

So you are on up to date fw and app. I don’t run iOS, I am on Android but I have not heard widespread complaints. Have you submitted a log via the app and do you have a ticket number that the help desk would have given you?

Called many times and they sent me another outdoor plug and it did not work either. Not sure, but it appears that the app and/or device firmware for the Outdoor Plug is not compatible yet with my iPhone 11 Pro IOS. Maybe the next firmware update will resolve the issue on my iPhone 11 Pro. Fingers crossed!

I just verified that this is indeed an issue using an iPhone 7 and 12 running app version 2.25.21 under iOS 15.1. The problem appears to be limited to the correct status display of the On/Off button on the Wyze app Home page for the outdoor plug. The status of socket toggles on the underlying screens appear to be ok. The app control and electromechanical operation of the plug and it’s sockets work without issue. Will recreate the issue and submit a developer log tomorrow and report Log ID in this thread.

@klevonius … it appears that when the “On/Off” button is misbehaving (incorrectly reporting status), you can correct the status by scrolling up to the top of the Wyze app Home page, long-pull down on the screen, hold for a second, let go to refresh the entire screen. Please attempt and report back.


Yes, your suggestion of refreshing the screen on my iphone 11 pro worked. Thank you for taking the lead on this and I look forward to a final solution.

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It’s been two weeks and I don’t see where a report Log ID has been initiated and posted to this thread. By the way, I received another Wyze app update for my iPhone just the other day and my Wyze Outdoor plug’s control status indicator within the app is still Not compatible yet with my iPhone 11Pro. However, the refresh work around trick you suggested to show proper plug status still works! Thank you.

A mouth has gone by and still wondering if the report Log ID has been initiated and posted to this thread regarding the Iphone IOS on my Iphone 11 Pro not being compatible with the Outdoor Plug. Also, I sent a posting to Seapup and no response. Is Seapup still a Technical Moderator? Seems like this problem with the Outdoor Plug not being fully compatible with the Iphone IOS has dropped off the radar? Sure would like to get this fix so it works like the rest of my Wyze devices. Thank you!

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My new outdoor plug and my two new indoor plugs that I bought today are all doing the same thing. My older plugs still work fine. The new plugs are using firmware (indoor) and (outdoor). That appears to be where the issue is. My older plugs show as “up to date” but are on firmware and work properly. My app is v2.26.21.

This only affects my new iPhone 13 Mini running ios 15.1.1. I need to refresh the home screen to get it to show the correct device status. The phone, the Wyze app, and all the Wyze devices are fully updated to the latest of everything available as of right now.

My older iPad works properly on both old and new plugs. It would be nice to see this addressed.

It’s been two months and my Outdoor Plug is still Not compatible with my Apple iPhone 11 Pro. I always maintain my IOS to the latest version! It’s also been Six (6) months since I’ve first reported this problem to the Wyze Help Desk both Online and from the app itself. That did not work and so I tried here on the Wyze Forum and it did not work either. I will ask the obvious question; What will it take to solve the Apple iPhone compatibility problem with the Wyze Outdoor Plug? My granddaughter, the silicon valley high tech Executive in the family suggested to me that I should move to a more reliable and responsive company. I told her I’m willing to wait a little while longer to see if Wyze can solve the Apple iPhone compatibility problem with my Outdoor Plug. Wyze are you listening? If you are not able to solve this problem with my Outdoor Plug, just say so and I will move on. I think waiting almost Six (6) months to get this fixed shows I’m doing my part. Most importantly, I am worried that my other Wyze products will stop working too with my Apple iPhone during future IOS upgrades? I have invested thousands of dollars in Apple products and switching to another smart phone is out of the question! Thank you.

I have good news to report; Problem Solved! The most resent Wyze app update on 12-28-2021 fixed the problem with I was having with the Wyze Outdoor Plug! It’s now working 100% with my iPhone 11 Pro Max running IOS 15.1 and I am so excited! Kudos to the Wyze Technical Team and Management for a job well done! Now I can buy more Wyze products with confidence! Thank you.