Wyze Outdoor Plug - status indicator turns ON after 30 seconds even though the socket is still OFF

In case this might help someone else…

My outdoor plug has been working fine for the 3 weeks that I’ve had it.
Today is started showing an ON status in the app (both Production and Beta) for socket #1 when the socket was actually off.

  • Pressing the power icon turns the icon OFF, but it turns ON again after 30 seconds, with no change in actual state of the socket. (It is still off).
  • If I press the power button to turn the icon OFF, and while it is OFF press it again, it does turn the power to the socket on.
  • A subsequent press of the power button will turn both the socket and the app icon OFF, but after 30 seconds the app icon will again show ON but the actual socket is off.

After much trial and error I deleted the device from the app and re-added it and all seems fine.