Using Alexa to turn on lamps

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Just joined the forum and have a question. I have 6 lamps throughout the house that are on Wyze Smart plugs. When I turn the lamp on with my iPhone, the lamp shows on on my phone-the circle is illuminated. However, when I use Alexa, the lamps comes on, but it is not indicated as being on on my phone. Everything works with Alexa and my phone-on and off-but the lamp icon on my phone does not show it is on. Any thoughts?

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First of all, welcome to the forum.

I just tried it since I have four Wyze outdoor outlets and two Wyze plugs. All can be controlled from Alexa. I also have the Wyze app loaded on both an Android and an iPhone. So I brought up my group of plugs on both phones and confirmed both phones showed both plugs turned off. I then commanded one of them on using Alexa. Within a few second, the Android reflected the status change, but the iPhone did not reflect the change for 15 to 20 later. This was repeated several more time with similar results. I then performed the same test with a couple of ports on the outdoor outlets and the got the same results - the Android would reflect the status change 15 - 20 seconds before the iPhone would.

The last test was to use one of the phones to command a change. When commanding a status change on either phone, it was taking anywhere from 5 to 45 seconds for the other phone to show the status change. It was not at all consistent. This was the case with both the plugs and the outlets.

Android is Moto Edge+ 5G UW (2022) with Android version 13 and app v2.45.0 (b339)
iPhone is iPhone 13 with iOS 1.6.1 and app v2.44.5 (3) - shame on me, missed a new beta…
Wyze Outdoor plugs are firmware
Wyze Plugs are firmware

OK, updated the iPhone to 2.45.0 (6) with similar results…


Thank you so much. I appreciate the time and trouble you went to to find an answer. I, too, have an IPhone 13 and an Android work phone. It works correctly on the android, but will not show me a lamp is on. Neither will my iPad. I’m thinking it may have something to do with notifications for the Wyze app.

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