Smart Plug & Door Lock conflict?

I do not know whether it happened to other users but on occasions, i.e. not always, the (Wyze) door lock unlocks when switching off the (Wyze) smart plug. A cabinet light is pugged into the the smart plug and i have not created any rule. A SW bug?

That is really weird! It has never done that to me with my lock and plugs.

Are you turning the plug off through the app, or Google/Alexa?

Do you possibly have some kind of rule setup? It is possible to have a the Wyze lock unlock based on the status of another device (such as a plug turning off). So that is my first suspect (A rule in the Wyze app causing this). You can check rules by intentionally causing it to happen again, then go to the account tab in the app, then rules, then History and see if there was any rule that executed.
If you don’t see any, it’s still possible that it is a “Ghost Rule” (if you created a rule in the past, but then deleted it, and somehow it isn’t showing up, but is still affecting you for some reason). Support can get someone on the rules engine team to resolve these if they are happening, though we haven’t seen Ghost rules in what feels like a couple of years now, so it’s extremely unlikely to be the case.

This doesn’t happen to everyone (including me), so it’s not a widespread issue, but it is possible something got mixed up abnormally. Electronics can be weird sometimes. The next thing I might try is to reset one or both of those devices back to factory settings and see if that resolves it.

Feel free to contact support either before or after trying any of the above. Let us know if you find something that works, or if Support was unable to help too.

That Rules History feature looks quite helpful but it did not go as far as 25 days. Which is kinda ok.

I used the iPhone app and did a few tests again yesterday and nothing happened.
The only Enabled rule is to lock the door when i leave the house.
I know it is pretty strange especially when i am the only one reporting the possible issue.

I will get back here if i experience the event again.

Thanks for your feedback

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