Wyze plug continuosly turning on and off

I have a plug, WLPP1CFH that constactly goes on and off (off every 6 seconds then on after a second). I’ve tried resetting it but it power cycles while holding the button in. Any way to fix this or is the plug dead?

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Holding down on the button until the light cycles is a Factory Reset. After doing this you should be able to do a new setup procedure in the app.

Have you tried unplugging it after a Factory Reset and giving it some time before plugging it back in?

Does the power button being pressed when it is cycling like that do anything to change it?

@SlabSlayer -I don’t think it ever gets to a reset…when I put it in a outlet, it fast blinks for about 5 seconds, then slow blinks for 1 second, then clicks off and restarts that process. I’ve left it out for a few seconds up to overnight, still does the same process. Power button does nothing, when I press it (while it is on during that 6 second process).

When you plug it in, once it starts acting out, hold down on the power button for 10 to 15 seconds and don’t let go regardless of what the plug is doing.

When you let it go, the plug should have Factory Reset (possibly several times) and returned to a Pairing mode with a persistent blinking light. At that point, it should be ready for a Bluetooth Setup Routine from the app.