Wyze Plug connection Issue

So I bought the Wyze plug and after much work to get it setup 3 maybe 4 times, it seems every time I use Alexa to turn on or off I lose connection and each time it takes several restarts of my Note9 to connect it again.
This I VERY frustrating cause I also have a CAM PAN and if it goes offline for what ever reason, it will reconnect without any issue.
That said I’m looking to get the Wyze bulbs, but I pray I don’t have the same issue I am having with the darn plugs…

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I have Wyze Bulbs and Plugs still in the box they cam in 3 mouths ago.
Seeing all the issues with them old (just seem to popup on its own) and new device putout by Wyze I’m reluctant to connect them …yet.
I have 10 Smart Plugs that I bought off brand 2 years ago that setup flawlessly with ease and no issues till today.

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I have three wyze plugs and I’ve had them running for months and have yet to have an issue with any of them. I use Alexa and use the app and they are also connected to contact sensors to trip them on and off. The only issue I had was when the power went out and when the power came back on and they went right back to their initial state. I’ve heard less complaints about the plugs than any other wyze device


@paindonthurt… Thanks … I’ll try them next when I need another smart plug install.

Glad to help. I even won my wife over to the smart plug. She fought me on it for months. She has a bad back and has a special heater mat thing that she’d constantly ask me to come unplug. So one night I couldn’t sleep. I went downstairs got a plug and installed it. The next morning I told her she could still unplug it, use the on/off on the plug or I could share it with her and use the app. She said fine I’ll use the app. She loves it now. I put a 2hr timer on it so if she falls asleep it shuts off. The other day she said something’s wrong it won’t heat. I told her about the timer. I said just turn it back on. She felt relieved that if she forgot to turn it off it would on it’s own. I can’t tell you how many times in the middle of night she’d ask me to go check to make sure it was unplugged. Now I don’t have too.

If wyze only made a candle snuffer my life would be complete.