Wyze Plug 2022 version time schedule

I have the 2022 version of the plug. I read in a recent thread that, according to SlabSlayer, “The 2021 and 2022 models, which have a CFH Key logo on the back, do have onboard static time scheduling features that are saved on the plug’s chip and are executed locally on the plug even if the WiFi signal has been lost.”

Does that mean that regardless of where a user is, for example, in a time zone 12 hours ahead, that the plugs will still work on a schedule based on the time zone where the plugs are located? I was thinking about how the plug knows what time it is even if I may be half-way around the world and the time on my phone shows a different time zone.

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When you create a schedule on the 2021\2022 plug, the Wyze App accesses the Location Services (GPS) of the Phone to pull the location and lock in the time zone to be saved with that schedule based on the location of the phone.

If you do not have Location Services enabled, you get this popup warning:

Once saved, the schedule will run based on that GPS Location.

If you create and save a schedule while the phone is in a different time zone. It will run based on the phone time zone at the time of saving.

What I am unsure of, and perhaps one of the other @Mavens can help me understand, is if saving a second schedule in a second time zone resets the first schedule’s time zone or if each individual schedule operates on its own time zone setting. In other words, do the plugs have the capability to execute seperate schedules in different time zones or is there only one time zone GPS reference point for all onboard plug schedules? :thinking:

IMO, best to only create and save schedules on the plug when at home.


Thank you @SlabSlayer for that explanation. Understood. I’ve set the schedules when at home. I’ll be able to test the reliability of the plug schedules in a few days.

Please report back as this may be an untested use case. Thanks for being willing to test it!

It isn’t easy for many to just travel to another time zone to test it. Perhaps if I shared the plug with someone in a different time zone I could test it. :thinking:

I am very curious how the set schedule will react to adding a second schedule from a different time zone.

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I will. Now I am curious too about setting a second schedule while on the other side of the world.

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I’ve returned from my trip. I was not able to fully test the plug because it went offline for an unknown reason.

The plug schedule was initially set in the US in central time zone… It was used to turn a lamp on at 6 pm and turn off at 10pm.

Although the Wyze app showed that the time settings had changed automatically based on my location, the plug continued to trigger correctly based on the initial US central time setting. So, while I was in Japan, the app showed a schedule of 8 am on and 12 pm off. When I went to Singapore, the time settings changed to 7 am on and 11 am off. The initial time settings still triggered as intended though. So, 8 am JP time is 6 pm central US time and so forth. I forgot to take screen shots.

I was on international roaming, not on a local SIM card.

I had planned to add a second schedule to test dual time zone capability while in JP or SG closer to the end point of my trip but the plug went offline for an unknown reason. When I returned, the blue status light was blinking and the only way to reset it was to manually unplug and plug it back into the receptacle. Another Wyze 2022 plug located elsewhere did not go offline so not sure what happened.

I’ll remind myself to try the test next trip.

Great to hear that the onboard plug schedules remained anchored locally.

While you were gone, there was an AWS Server failure that caused a Service Outage. All my plugs went bonkers too. Some came back on their own, some had to be power cycled.

But, they should have still executed their schedules locally as long as they remained plugged in.

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