Smart Plugs and Travel

Do Wyse plug schedules stay on “their” locations time, or follow my phone?
I have 4 smart plugs and 2 v3 cams. all are up-to-date with their firmware

If the plug is a CFH 2021 or 2022, and the schedule has been set in the plug settings, the location for the schedule is set and saved on the plug at the time the schedule is created. It will follow the schedule according to the time zone location designated at that time.

If the schedule is set by Rule, the Schedule Rule will be executed by the time zone the app is in at the time of saving. I believe it will stay with that time zone even if your phone switches to a new time zone unless you modify and save the rule while in the new time zone, but I have no way to test that.

The pre-2021 plug versions are not CFH (no black key logo on the back) and do not have onboard scheduling capability, only thru rules.