Will plug schedule or rule work correctly if my phone is in a different time zone?

I’ve set my plugs to turn on at sunset (or added rule to turn on 30 min after sunset in one case), then turn off at a specific time (say 10 pm). That works while I and my phone are home. What happens if I go to Europe and my phone is set to a different time zone - e.g., six hours earlier? Will the schedule follow my home time or will it reset to the time of my phone location? Obviously, I want the schedule or rule to follow my home time. I assume it should follow my home time, but I would like reassurance.

The schedule is saved and run on wyzes servers, so timezones shouldn’t be a problem.


I would certainly test first as others have had problems with this scenario.

I ran a simple test. I turned off wifi on my phone and set my phone time to London time. My plugs turned on at sunset as scheduled. So far, so good.
I then looked at the spotlights connected to my cam V3’s. One is set to go on at sunset. It was not on. The other is set to go on with motion, it did not go on when I stepped outside. I then turned on wifi on my phone and reset the phone time to local time. This was not an immediate fix. I first had to go to the settings for each cam and click on the spotlight setting. Then they turned on. These spotlights have some buggy issues (reported in another post).

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