Wyze Plug 2021 Vs iPhone and vs. iPad Pro, and vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (for setup and firmware update)

I purchased my first Wyze Plugs Model: WLPP1CFH (2 Wyze Plug 2-Pack’s from Home depot today, for a total of 4 plugs.)

I attempted to setup the 1st one, using my iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 15.1.1), it failed, I tried again… failed again…hmm… I grabbed my old Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Android 9) that doesn’t have a cell phone plan, and has the Wyze app installed. I imitated adding that 1st Plug and had no issues…

Went to the 2nd plug, iPhone 12 Pro Max with latest iOS and current Wyze App, failed again… Samsung Galaxy Note did not.

3rd Plug… let’s try the iPad Pro 3rd Gen with the keyboard…and go through the setup SIDEWAYS… cause you know… the app doesn’t work properly on an iPad in Landscape Mode…but that’s not the point of this post… so where was I… oh, yes, Setting up the 3rd Plug via an iPad… Fail again… Samsung Galaxy Note 8 successful

4th Plug…Learned my lesson, the old dog can learn new tricks…this time, I skipped the iPhone, skipped the iPad, and went out on a limb and grabbed the Samsung Galaxy Note 8… and added the plug with no issue at all, and didn’t waste any time watching the app add the Plug.

oh, yes, I almost forgot… once I got the app added successfully, if I attempted to update the firmware on the Plug, it failed every time on the iPad and iPhone, but the Samsung Note 8, had no problem completing the firmware updates on the four plugs.

Anyone else have iOS/iPadOS setup and/or firmware issues with the Wyze Plug 2021 model?


Yes, just purchased same item and Iphone can’t find the plugs. It’s my 1st experience with Wyze product and not liking it much.

Apparently only you and I are having issues with these Wyze Plugs…

I’ve got mine working, but they seem to have a challenge with holding onto a wireless connection to my ASUS RT-AC86U Router for some reason. I also purchased a couple of Wyze Light Strips at the same time, and the one that I have installed, has a difficult time maintaining a reliable connection to my ASUS Router.

Perhaps I have too many devices… (Wyze Video Doorbell, 6 V3s, 1 V2, 2 Cam Pan V2s, 8 WCO’s with the two associated Base Stations). along with 8 Phillips Wiz Smart Wi-Fi Downlights. Two Merkury Greeni LED Bulbs, and Two TP-Link - Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini’s. (HS105) )

Along with the two IPhones, two iPads… a Laptop… Google Home… Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen), a couple Amcrest spotlight cams… two Amcrest Pan/Tilt Cams… two Foscam PTZ cams…

(When buy one… here… two there… over time… these things appear to … add up…) I might need to seek professional help with this “addiction”

So, where were we… ah yes… your 1st experience with Wyze Products…

I purchased four Amcrest Cams on my visit to Micro Center one day, and saw the Wyze Cam’s on the other side of that Aisle… it all started with One V3… and two WCO’s… (I didn’t realize I had to buy one base with that purchase…, which resulted in a trip to Home Depot to buy a WCO with Base)

So, here I am with multiple Wyze products… Are they perfect. No… Are they worth the what I paid for them… to me, yes for the camera’s even with the shortcomings (I think you’ll see shortcomings of sorts with any brand you buy, based on what your needs are)

Am I happy with the four Wyze Plugs that I have had in service for less than a week? No, they won’t setup properly on my iPhone (good thing I had that Samsung phone available)…No, because they have been flaky on my Wireless Router, when my TP-Link Kasa HS105 have remained rock solid, and never fail maintaining a connection to my Asus Wireless Router…

Hopefully the Wyzes Switch’s firmware is improved by Wyze in the future, or I’ll have to return those to Home Depot. (If I Google Home or Alexia continue to not be able to respond to the “Turn on the Christmas Tree many more times…”… they are going back


I have two

Did this problem occur during the AWS outage? If so, you might want to power cycle the problem plugs to see if that fixes the problem.