Wyze Pan Cam - "Favorite" view spot / position

Hey all! New to the forum and did a quick search but didn’t find anything. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction / show me where to submit a feature.

On the Wyze Pan Cam, is there a way to set a favorite position of the lens? For example, hit a button and it will return to the saved viewing angle? My use case is for a restaurant. The camera is aimed perfectly covering a maximized area of the restaurant and say I want to relocate the lens to angle down/zoom in on a cash register. Then I want to go back to my “maximized coverage” angle. Instead of fidgeting with it if there was a button to save the state of the lens angle?

I guess just a quality of life thing I would love and would be a cool feature.

Thanks everyone!

Not sure that its relevant but here are the specs:

iOS - 13.5.1
cell phone - iPhone 8 Plus
Wyze Cam -
Wyze - iOS Version 2.10.72

You can set up to four way points where the cam will pause for 10 seconds. It’s in the settings, Advanced, Motor control. I set three for the exact same spot, then one at an angle downward. 30 sec in on spot, 10 sec in the other.

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This is very helpful. I overlooked this feature on setup as I was used to the advanced menu of the regular Wyze cams. Thank you

Or set only one waypoint and it will always return to that point if you manually move it or if motion tracking moves it. I assume for your purpose, you are not using motion tracking.