Wyze packaging is nice

I couldn’t find a really good match for my post, so lets call it a “tip”.

I haven’t see anyone mention it before, but I really like the packaging for the Wyze products I have bought. To me, it shows that some good thought went into the “experience”, and to what is left over after setting up the products.

  • All the packing materials (almost all of it), is paper recyclable - very little stuff that cannot be easily recycled.
  • The packaging is compact, and not large, bulky and wasteful of space.
  • And most of all for me, the inner packaging has convenient pull tabs to easily get the inner contents out of the outer box.

All the packages have been like this, except the 2 pack of V3 cameras from Home Depot, which was much larger than 2 V3 boxes from Wyze, had a lot of wasted space, and had big inner hard plastic shells for each camera and its parts (which should be recyclable (it has the right numbers), but which so many municipal waste services will no longer take for recycling).

Thanks Wyze!


I have been buying Wyze products for over 4 years. I have even been able to beta test a couple of products a couple of years back. One of the perks is the we would get a “production” version of the product before release and many of us would comment on how well the packaging looked and how efficiently the device was packed.

Wyze may have rock bottom prices, but they have top notch products and packaging.

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Don’t let the packaging fool you. Wyze has serious problems with firmware updates. Four of my 8 v2 cams have been bricked since the latest update.

I’m sorry your experience has been negative.

After 4 years with Wyze products, I have 15 cameras of 5 different models (V2, V3, Pan Cam V2, Pan Cam V3 and OG, some with and others without Cam Plus), 10 indoor plugs, 3 outdoor plugs, 24 white bulbs, 4 color lights, 2 spotlights accessories, a floodlight, a garage door opener, and a sensor hub with contact sensors, climate sensors, motion sensors and leak sensors.

During that time, I have had to reboot (power down and back up) just 2 cameras once each when they lost their connection (they are the furthest away with a marginal wifi signal). And the indoor and outdoor plugs had an inconvenient local schedule bug (which did not interfere with their operation) that I reported and which was fixed several weeks later.

I’ve updated the firmware frequently on all of these devices, and the only issue I found was that the plugs and bulbs had to be in the “off” state for one firmware update to work. As a precautionary measure, I now make sure the plugs and bulbs are in the “off” state, before updating their firmware, and no further updates have failed. I have never had a camera firmware update fail, and no firmware updated has ever bricked any of my Wyze devices. (they are all on the latest firmware as of today).

Other than that, they have all worked without any other issues, minor or major, during these years. I am using a variety of schedule and trigger rules and local schedules, and I have a number of routines in Alexa for my Wyze devices, and these have always, and continue to run as expected.

I have seen firmware update issues discussed in other appropriate channels, but my experience has always been positive, and the few minor issues I described, have not detracted from the great packaging.

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I’m not here to bash the product rather to find answers like so many others who have all but abandoned WYZE for the lack of support. Specifically, the solid yellow light. Look it up, there are no valid fixes to this. However, if I am mistaken pls point the way. Thanks

You probably won’t find answers to issues like that in a post about Packaging, in the Watercooler category of the forums.

But I have seen firmware related posts in the “Cameras” category.

But not having experienced that issue myself, I haven’t searched for them, so I can’t really offer any useful advice.

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Unfortunately there’s no answer, apparently, not in the proper forum either.

I agree with all your points, including the Home Depot 2-Pack. Here is a picture if others have not seen it.

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