Wyze overloading Asus Routers

I have about 140 devices on my network. There’s 54 Wyze devices (color bulbs and switches) plus 12 v3 cameras. All 12 cameras are in a single group so that I can easily preview them quickly to see around the house. Whenever I scroll down through the cameras though, it seems to somehow overload my 2.4GHz wifi and ALL Wyze devices including cameras go offline (see app screenshot). I have some Alexa devices like and Alexa plug on 2.4GHz also, and they also fo offline at the same time. It takes about 10 minutes for everything to come back online if I exit the camera group preview. Im running a very good ASUS GT-AX11000 router with two wired RT-AX92U AImesh nodes and an additional 5GHz backhaul RT-AC1200 node. With all of this covering my house, that should be plenty to divide off all of the devices on my Verizon FIOS ISP. Does anyone have any ideas what to do next? I submitted a log to Wyze, but was told the engineers would review to make future updates and they can’t tell me the outcome of the log review or what’s happening to cause this issue.