Wyze outdoor plug - link to my account?

So I bought one of these last week and it came via USPS on Saturday. I think I got it via Wyze’s new link with Amazon, which has a different email address than the one I use for Wyze. I have not set it up yet (going to do the outdoor lights next weekend). Do I need to link it to my Wyze account that has my 2 cameras in order for it to work? Mavens, how do I do that?
Thanks for your help!

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Yes, you will want to set the plug up with the account you are already using with your cameras. Just open the app that houses your cameras and Refer to the quick start guide or here

How you purchased the hardware via Wyze website or Amazon does not matter in this case.


Yes, please only use the email address you use for Wyze. Any useful licenses are only allocated there. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help, R. Good! The plug worked perfectly once I linked it to my account.

Newshound, I ordered the plug from Amazon and the email address I use for that account is different than the one I use for Wyze. I have followed R. Good’s instructions and added the plug to my Wyze app and it is working great.