Wyze Outdoor Pan Cam V3 Rattle?

During playback, the last 4 days.
I can hear a slight gear rattle, coming from the Pan Cam V3.

Is this normal, for a 4 day old ODPC v3 installation ?
Do I have the Cam mount, to Pan Cam V3 screw, on too tight ?

Can you post a video with the sound?

The bottom mount screw shouldn’t have any bearing on the noise since the bottom mounting point does not turn.

Per ur request -

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Sounds like a woodpecker. :upside_down_face:



I thought it sounds like, the creature from the movie “Predator” - 1987


Yeah. Something definitely dragging on the lower unit horizontal rotation. I would pull it down and bench test it unmounted to see if it is internal. If so, Customer Support Warranty Replacement.

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What made the second “rattle” though? The cam did not move but the sound was the same as the sound made when the cam panned to the right. Which also sounded like a woodpecker.

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Ok, Thx will do !

I love this lil guy, two.

I noticed that too.

I was worried, that the rattling spelled, trouble.

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