Why does it sound like this?

So all of a sudden my camera sounds like a drunken R2-D2… this this normal? Also since I’m new it won’t allow me to upload which I think is stupid but it is what it is. So not sure how to share the video

Can you post your video to YouTube and then post the link here? Also, what camera model do you have?

Yea here’s a link. It’s short but listen

Weird sound with Wyze when panning around


## Weird sound with Wyze when panning around

By SarcastiKat


That is the sound of the pan motor.

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Here is a Pan v3 TearDown video if this is the camera you have and you feel like taking it apart

Yea sorry forgot to mention yea I have the v3 pan. Would the way I have it set make a difference? I don’t have it on its normal mount I have it on an elgato weighted mid mount.

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I don’t have any Pan cameras (just regular v3 cameras). Hopefully, someone else can chime in.