Cam Pan V3 making a clicking noise as it pans. Is this normal?

I have several Cam Pan V3s and one of them makes an audible mechanical clicking noise when it pans, which is all the time because it’s set to pan/scan. My other ones don’t make this noise. Sometimes it’s loud enough that its own microphone picks it up. It’s probably not even 4 months old.

I don’t think this is normal and it sounds like the gears on the motor. It’s also mounted upside down so I don’t know if that could have anything to do with it.

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I am sorry this is happening, since it is only a few months old I would definitely reach out to our support team.


Thanks. I tried the live chat earlier this morning but after waiting for a few minutes the bot told me they were too busy and would contact me later. I got an email with a case # but nothing after that. Fortunately it’s just an annoyance at this point but it sounds like the motor may fail eventually.

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Well that was entirely useless. I reached out via chat, received a ticket number, 3680987, didn’t hear anything for two weeks, just now replied to the email I received confirming the ticket, and promptly received an auto-reply stating I have replied to a ticket that has already been closed.

I searched through all my emails just to make sure I didn’t miss any emails for the ticket and did not find any. Seems it was simply closed for no reason and I was not informed.

Aside from that issue, I ended up tossing my V3 Pro in my “junk and accessories” box because it kept going offline and replaced it with a Cam OG. Which promptly started experiencing the inability to view the live stream from an external network.

This has been a very uninspiring and disappointing couple of weeks from Wyze.

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I have a eight installed outside hanging upside down from the bracket panning around. Three or four are clicking when rotating day and night. They move the default every 10 seconds and have been up about 3 to 4 months. I took one and did some troubleshooting. The noise is coming from the motor, even when powered off. If seems to be amplified by the casing as it is not that loud when removed. I am not sure if it will be fatal as the motion of the motor is still smooth.

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Mine is mounted right side up, but I have the the clicking going on but only in one direction.

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