Sound when moving

I just got my first pan cam, have it setup to follow motion, but it seems every time the camera moves it also makes a kind of beeeeep sound (I know its not the motor making this sound as you can tell its coming from a speaker). Is there anyway to turn this off? I want the camera to just function in the background, not alerting every one saying “hey here I am I am following you”

Also whats with the tags on posting, it says option but wont let me post without selecting a tag :confused:

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You say it beeps is there a way you could download a video to YouTube or somewhere like that and then share it so we can know exactly what you’re speaking about? Maybe we could help diagnose it a little bit better if we could hear it and know exactly what it is?

its kind of like this actually (URL below) just a little less high pitch, it happens when ever the camera moves, its very annoying to put it lightly.

Does it sound like this? Because this is the normal sound of a pan.

kind of but not really. It makes that sound if you manually pan it. But it makes a sound that is coming from a speaking that is a long beeep kind of sound if its tracking motion (like the sound in the url that I posted). The two sounds are very similar but the tracking sound is a lot louder and is differently coming from the speaker not the motor.

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You probably could record the sound with your phone and then share a link here in your post.

I would also recommend starting a Support ticket. You may have a defective cam.

Get a recording of it and post it somewhere so that we can know exactly what it sounds like so that we can help you diagnose it otherwise we were really just guessing and we can’t really help you. Sorry but we need some solid evidence something to go off of

The recording would have to be very very short because I’ve tried that before and if the recordings are very long the site won’t support that much data. That’s why I have went to utilizing YouTube.

I upload mine to Google drive then share the link from there.

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Yep that works too

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I upload mine as an unlisted video to YouTube if I need to post them, another option.

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Most of mine are unlisted to unless it’s something that I posted to teach people how to do something

if thats normal then the camera as is isnt usable, the wife doesnt like it and will unplug it. I can actually here that in my office (the camera is in the living room) just to indicate how loud it actually is.

That sound like you have way points set.

Go to camera settings
Advanced settings
Motor controls
Pan scan settings

See if anything is saved.

I have three way points set, that was the camera following me though. It makes a sound when its moving between way points but not as loud as when its following motion. But the question is can the sound be turned off some how? It more seems like they have made the device make an artificial sound in order to try and hide the noise of the motors.

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I do not believe you can adjust the sound. @mavens might know for sure. But I doubt it. It’s the motor sound.

if its the motor sound then they need to source better motors, Iv never known a motor to make a sound like that. It sounds artificial to me.

I have five Pan Cams and the only sound any of them makes is a muted whir of motor noise when moving. Motion tracking is a little louder because the motor is going thru a more rapid stop-start rhythm. There is no sound adjustment for sound made by the cam that I know of, other than actually speaking thru it.
I would suggest Opening a Support Ticket. You might just have a bad cam.


:confused: Im sorry but that doesnt make any sense, just because the motor is stopping and starting doesnt mean the sound would be any louder, the motor is only making sound when it moves which should be the same regardless of how often it has to start and stop, if you walk around the camera the sound is the same regardless if it was small movements (stoping and starting heaps).

Based off all the comments it seems that the sound is normal and we as consumers should just put up with it. I on the other hand think wyze as a company should fix the issue. I actually wont be purchasing any more of these cameras as a result of this. There is a lot of things that I dont actually like (I live in Australia so I cant use it with alexa due to some excuse around localisation with servers and latency. wyze uses AWS for there network so I dont really agree with that, they can deploy there systems around the world very easily). There is a lack of an API for the system, when asked the reply from the Devs on this was “why would you need that it works with IFTTT”. They are clearly missing a massive market and dont realise this (if there was an API then I would be able to build out my own Alexa skill). If I want to get access to mqtt then I have to manually install a different firmware onto the device, from what I can tell this firmware is identical to the one I have the only difference is it adds support for mqtt. Why isnt mqtt just part of the normal firmware. Why make the user have to manually install firmware for this support. The only thing this device has going for it was the price point (but again i am in Australia so it actually wasnt that cheap for me). At the end of the day I brought the device to see how it worked, all the above issues I was willing to work around and find a solution. But the sound from the “motor” is actually a product killer for me. My wife doesnt like it and asked me to unplug it. Happy wife, happy life :smiley:

He said he wasn’t aware of any other sounds and suggested to submit a support ticket and you might have gotten a bad cam.

It sounds to me like you’re looking for any excuse to return it. You mention all things you don’t like about the cam or it’s lacking. Did you research it al all before purchasing it. Because you’d know those features aren’t listed.

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