Wyze outdoor camera v2 mystery

Do you see the mist with the face.?This showed after an alarm. I walked out to right there and saw nothing. I did clean the lens 3 times with a q-tip and a microfiber cloth. It stayed there. My cameras have been up for 4 months or so and this is the first time I’ve seen anything like this.

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Dude… Creepy. Yikes

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Probably just moisture on the lense. Try cleaning it off with a cloth.

Does this occur only when the sun is low in the horizon over there? My first thought is that it’s a lens flare of sorts and/or maybe some smudge or something on the lens like @IEatBeans mentioned.

Wishlist plug! :slight_smile:

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I did go out with a q-tip and a microfiber cloth and wiped it down 3 times. It was still there.

It is obviously the Wyze Will-o-the-wisp.


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it looks like a ghost think about who it could be

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:astonished: My neck hurts, that is one wild camera view angle !


:flushed: really…? Not what the camera caught but…the angle.? :thinking:

Yes really :upside_down_face:

This is interesting. It’s almost looks like a reflection of a reflection.

Is there a window near the camera? Is there a picture near a window near that camera?

It looks like a young boy with blonde hair smiling, and some of the pixilation gives the impression that the face is moving too.

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There are no pictures nearby and the window is right below the camera but no pictures near that window. Reflection of a reflection makes sense but again… No pictures. My wife thought it winked when she was watching it live on her phone in a different city. All I see is a face with a grin. The eyes and grin look a little creepy to me. In the 4 months that camera had been in that spot…this is the first thing I captured. Thank you for the first intelligent response.

Can’t explain the face, but the purple haze is an artifact of the sun. I see that general effect in the morning also on an east-looking camera.


This camera is facing north. I wiped the lens with a microfiber cloth and a qtip 3 times. Thank you for your response.

Looks like a lot of things coming together to look like the face of a child, even a distinct eyeball. On the top left

The bush line and road give the impression of the mouth.

Is there a road lamp or mailbox here?

I think, as mentioned above, its some sort of flare with some moisture, possibly internal since you’ve wiped it a few times. But it came together eerily. Where the discoloration allowed for enough of the background to come through to give the visualization of a face.

It’s pretty cool and not a bug or spider web like we normally see labeled as a :ghost: :smiley: Thanks for sharing.

I would say if it doesn’t go away to contact Wyze Support.


This is what I see:



:thinking: :astonished: :exploding_head:

Now that’s creepy.

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Wow…! You’ve put alot into this picture. There is a road line / driveway there. I’m going to check on that mailbox. I do believe there is 3 of them over there…just not sure if they are in that exact location. It hasn’t been back since that morning tho. I do have another puzzling capture that I’m just not real sure about , if you could, I would like to share. I’ve eliminated alot of what it could’ve been. Another set of eyes and brain to look at it is always helpful. If you would, I’d like to share it with you to see what your thoughts are. Thank you very much for helping my wife feel a little more comfortable about this capture. :+1::+1:

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This town we live in has no street lights anywhere.it’s a small town of about maybe 1100 people…maybe.

:rofl: Is definitely not another wyze cam. But I do see what you’re saying. :joy:

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