WYZE Outdoor Camera events

I have setup an Outdoor camera. I get notifications of events but can not view playback. The other two cameras (Cam v3 wired) work just fine and can view events. Any ideas on how to view events that I get notifications from on the Outdoor camera?

There is no “Playback” on the WCO. You don’t have any events on your event page from that cam? Make sure your filters are off (“White”) not green. This page has one V3 on Cam Plus and 4 WCO.

Thanks, I changed the filters as suggested and will wait to see if events show up with the OD camera. It does send notifications but then looking at events nothing.

I have Cam Plus on two cameras. I tried to add it to the OD but not accepting my subscription. I’ll call support tomorrow. Thanks for you help.

You can also tap that little funnel to the left of the pencil on the events page, go to the next page and tap clear all (Filters) or just the cams you want to clear.

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If you removed all filters in the event tab you can go back in previous days to see the events that were already uploaded to the cloud with the new filter setup, no need to wait for more events just to see if it worked. If you got notifications for the events, they are there in the event tab unless you deleted them from watching them after you got the notification.