Wyze outdoor camera base

Do they sell these separate by chance? My was lost in a move and i really dont wanna purchase a new camera just for that. Im referring to the part that attaches to the camera (The round magnet piece).

No, I don’t think they do. Your best bet would be to find a cheep camera mount. The WCO has a spot on the bottom you can a camera mount into.

The screw in part you mean? That might work. Just hate the person detection doesnt work while its mounted upside down. Thanks for your help

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Yes I mean the hole on the bottom. But why won’t person detection not work when it’s mounted upside down? Do you mean because the detection zone is at the top? If so, I feel you pain.

I’m unsure why it doesn’t work. I’ve yet to try. I just read that it doesn’t work.

It does work, it’s just hard to use since the detection zone is at the top of view instead of the bottom

Thanks for the heads up. I am just going to buy another mount like they mentioned above. I’m in an apartment and can’t mount to the siding. So I’m going to put a board (10ft) to the wooden shelving outside and put it there

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