Wyze outdoor came won’t setuo

So I have an outdoor cam and changed my Wi-Fi password so I went to rest my outdoor cam and re sync and it won’t connect. Any ideas. Only thing I can think of is my mesh network broadcast both 5 and 2.4 and maybe it a setting in my network where it’s not picking up 2.4. I deleted it from my list of products to reset up as well. Not sure if that has something to do with it. Also last time I used it was in travel mode so not sure if that’s a factor. I think it’s called travel mode. Basically where you set it up to use yours cell Wi-Fi for its own connection. Thanks

Did you put your phone on the 2.4 network and try to connect the cam on the 2.4 network. They both need to be on the same network for setup. You can change your phone back to the 5 GHZ or whatever after set up is complete.

I was a dumb ass. I forgot to replug in the bridge. All is well. Thank you