Wyze Outdoor Cam - Wired direct to Charger

I have ordered a pair of Outdoor Wyze cams. Wireless is great! So is battery powered. My question, can I connect the charging wire permanently to the cam and avoid any issue with recharging the battery? I do have access to convenient outlets, would just need to purchase a longer charging cord.

Hi @tsmith7082 and welcome to the community.
I believe constant charging would void the warranty.

It does void the warranty which really isn’t a big deal.
I haven’t seen any info on whether the charge controller will protect the battery from overcharging or not.

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Certainly it breakes the integrity of the weather seal. Li-ION like to be at 70% charge for storage. Holding them high will reduce their life. Overcharge will cause them to swell and eventually short.
To properly charge a Li-ION the temperature, voltage and rate of charge needs to be monitored and adjusted.
A continuous float charge, also known as high-voltage-hold, increases the Li-ion battery to above the specified upper cut-offs potential. The charger needs to disconnect, allow the battery to discharge to a specified point, then charge again.

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Everything you describe can be done with a properly programmed charge controller.

As long as the programmed controller is adjusted for the battery chemistry and accommodates the existing Wyze electronics. Li-ION is a family of battery, Wize would need to release more information, battery chemistry and philosophy of design to make it work safely and effectively.
Certainly there are super smart people in this community, I encourage experimentation, just do it right.

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I appreciate the responses. My primary reason for asking, my wife would like to monitor, see who is arriving in the driveway. It is not visible from any window in the house. My thought was this would require constant streaming which she could monitor on a chromebook. Of course, this would drain the battery quicker. I have not received the cameras as of yet. Waiting on the Oct pre-order.

Best to you @tsmith7082 Guess we got off on a tnagent here. . .

The WOC has to wake up when heat motion is detected and some complain the captured video only shows people leaving.
There is a delay between detect/record and being able to vew the video segment.
You many need to augment w/auxillary proximity or motion detector.

Bottom line: Test out the best location w/ its fixed detection zone before mounting.

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Welcome to the Forum Community, @tsmith7082. As someone who has used both cams for a while (as a WOC Beta tester and long time V2 user), when I read what you are wanting to achieve I have to think you would be better served by using a V2 with both careful mounting and a protective cover. I have had V2’s mounted outside (caveat; voiding the warranty) for over a year with no problems. I have one Pan cam mounted on a deck upstairs in just a silicon cover totally exposed to wind, sun and rain which has had no issues.
These cams are made for live streaming, where the WOC is not. They also allow continuous recording to SD card and playback from same. The WOC does not allow continuous recording and, as you probably know, continuous viewing will drain the battery very fast.
There are many weather-resistant covers for the Wyze cams available along with power extension cords on Amazon.
These cams are not sold for outdoor use and doing so will void your warranty, but you are talking about a similar situation with leaving the power port on the WOC open to attach it to an outside cord.
Just food for thought! Hope either way you go works out for your needs!


I thank you for your insight. Before reading your note, I was thinking exactly along the same lines and planning to do exactly as you suggested. I need the live stream. Now, if I can only cancel this October ship pre-order shipment for the WOC :slight_smile: Apparently I cannot do so via my online account today.

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Have you tried installing the WYZE app on the Chromebook? I’ve read a few posts saying it wasn’t possible. Maybe things have changed.

Check out this one. . .

Tinycam (in play store) will work on a Chromebook. The only hiccup, you can only view 2 cameras at a time. It will let you load more cameras, however the program will lock up. 2 camera views has been working fine for over a month now.