Wyze cam outdoor continuous charging?

If I have access to an electrical outlet, can I run the Wyze Cam outdoor with a charger plugged in continuously? I will be away for a year and dont want to run out of battery power half was through.

I don’t believe so. I think it stops charging once it’s full and won’t resume.

Someone has had some success with a solar charger, but again, I think the issue was once fully charged it wouldn’t resume charging when it started discharging.

I want to add, if you have access to an electrical outlet, I’d buy a V3 since they’re outdoor rated (you’ll want to find a way to waterproof the actual plug since it isn’t waterproof). I saw someone had an outdoor plug and they would connect the v3 cam plug to it and put that in a Tupperware type container that was waterproofed.


If you have a power outlet available why not use a V3? You could find an outlet cover like this.


I’d also say go v3 instead since you have a good power source, unless the pir sensor is that important to you. To me the local storage like continuous is deal breaker.