Wyze Outdoor Cam v1 - dead? already?

This doesn’t seem right. I know this is an older model, but I have only used it once on a camping trip. Now, about two years later, I am attempting to charge the camera and the LED is blinking red… it doesn’t appear to be charging. After 2 days plugged into an adequate USB power source, it still won’t power up. :frowning:

Is there some “trick” I can apply or is this camera truly dead?

Thank you

I would say if the cam hasn’t been charged in a year or so it is probably dead forever. I have 4 of the Version 1 WCO that I have been using for 2 years and 4 months and they still charge to 100% and they all get daily use. I usually charge them every 6-8 weeks or when they get to 40%. I use the supplied 5 volt 2 amp power adapter to charge the cams.

Battery transplant?

These batteries shouldn’t be that fragile. I work with 18650 (li-ion) batteries all the time… they are used in many EVs. Even my oldest 18650 li-ion batteries still work at nearly full capacity after 5 years… many times, they are not charged for a very long time.

What kind of batteries does Wyze use?

Also, if the batteries must be kept charged continuously, this warning is missing from the manual!

Yes. I am looking at that now because the camera is long past any warranty.

I disassembled the camera and there is a small voltage/charging circuit with temperature sensor. Now I need to soldier a new li-ion battery pack and test.

I don’t know if Wyze allows photos of the inside of their products, so I won’t. :slight_smile:



I’ve only looked on Amazon (Canada) and the best I can do is around $36. At 1/3 the price, It’s just as well to buy a v2 outdoor camera.

I am figuring out the circuitry in order to bypass the battery and power the camera directly to 5vdc USB power.

I posted my disassembly here:

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