Wyze Outdoor Cam Recording During Power Outage

I haven’t purchased the Outdoor Cam yet and I’m wondering if it can record during a power outage to a local SD card.
I get that it can be set to a mode to record to a local SD card if I choose to, but I’m wondering if it’s set up in a “normal” connection to the base station and the power goes out, can it keep recording events and store those videos to the local SD card on the actual camera instead of sending them to the base while it can’t reach the base?

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Continuous recording to SD is not available on the Outdoor Wyze Cam, but scheduled is and travel mode, so you don’t need to connect to the powered base. I’ve seen some people using a Wyze Cam v3 with a battery setup or a UPS battery backup, so that may be an option to do more research on. The cams use pretty low power, so a battery backup should last a good mount of time. According to another post “A 10000mAh power bank will power Wyze Cam for about 16 hours, and a 20000mAh power bank will power Wyze Cam for about 33 hours.”

Direct from the FAQ:

"Will I be able to continuously record to a micro SD card like with Wyze Cam v2?

Wyze Cam Outdoor is built for maximum flexibility so that you can truly put it anywhere you want even if that is outside or where there is no power outlet. Continuously recording to a micro SD card like Wyze Cam v2 will make the battery life extremely short. Because of this, we did not build this feature and Wyze Cam v2 is still the best option for this use case. However, we did build a "Scheduled Recording" feature where you can schedule specific times for the camera to continuously record to its local micro SD card or record when PIR is triggered though this will reduce battery life. This feature combined with Travel Mode will allow you to take the camera anywhere to record anything you want even if there is no WiFi available."

Thanks, but this isn’t what I was asking about. I don’t need continuous recording, just events as per usual when the power goes out and the base no longer has power. The fact that the camera is outdoor, and battery operated is great. But the issue I need to solve is what happens when the power goes out, or is cut in the event of a burglary? Can it still record events onto its local SD card without the connection to the base, and then send them to the base when power is restored? Can it go from a normal recording mode when everything is fine to Travel mode when the power is cut?
I’ve thought about using UPSs but the outdoor cam seems like the perfect solution, if it can do what I need it to do.

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If you have SD in the base station and enabled “backup to base…” it will save to base station SD card when the internet go down.
However same as u, I’m wondering if i got SD card in the camera what will happen if the base station lost it power ??

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