Wyze outdoor cam faulty battery

Outdoor Cam battery only lasts 2-3 days per charge.

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what firmware does the cam have?

and are you by chance having it on a screen ( like a tablet or some other device)

that does it’s live view constantly?

how strong of signal are you getting where it is placed?

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Camera is up to latest software version . Not on a constant present screen. How do I measure the signal at the camera location?

Setting // Device Info should display 3 bars for best connection.

this is kind of a loaded answer :slight_smile:

we ( mavens and mods ) often ask for version numbers because people believe they are running the " latest" firmware. it is only later they find out that despite the app not showing an update there actually is an update and it didn’t come through for them for any number of reasons. so what is believed to be the latest turns out not to be, or maybe they had had to revert or are running beta. ( sometimes the forums forget to add the beta badges to profiles)

one of the reasons I ask for the FW number is there was in the recent past a release that fixed a issue with quick battery drain because of signal.
here is the release note on that version (February 10, 2021)

  • Fixed a bug that caused Cam Plus Events to not detect people properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused accelerated battery drain with weak WiFi signal

like @oldgeek was kind enough to point out under device info in the setting page for that cam you should be able to see your signal strength.

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