Outdoor Cam SHORT Battery Life

“I have three outdoor cameras, two of which I am having a short battery life. System was purchased in May of this year and set up June 1st. For example I had fully charged one camera and within two days it shows 17% battery life left with only 11 events captured…” The other camera goes weeks with similar events. It isn’t very pleasing two days into a long weekend get-away to find your camera battery life at or near 0%… Do I just have a couple cameras with poor batteries?

It could be a number of things. I’ve had my cams 11 months and charge them when the get to 40% which is normally in 6 weeks. What version of firmware are your using ? Is your base connected via ethernet of Wi-Fi ? what does the signal at the cameras look like ? A low/weak signal will result in more battery use. Are you recording in SD or HD ? . Or yes it could maybe be the batteries. Signal to my cams.

Yes, what version of firmware are your using in the Base and camera? Some recent firmware is playing havoc with battery life on some Outdoor cameras.

The version of firmware for the camera is which is the current level. The base firmware is which is the most current level also. The base is connected by Ethernet. One camera has one bar of signal the other has two. Recording is set to Auto. ( which recording setting uses less power? ) I was unaware that some firmware versions caused excessive battery usage.

The firmware you are using was released 9/8/2021 and was suspended also 9/8/2021 because it caused issues with the base stations. I don’t know if that is your problem since I never did the update. You can try and revert the firmware back to the August 9 firmware for cam and base and see if it makes a difference. The recording is set by just turning on detects motion in the event recording setting. There is also scheduled event recording and scheduled continuous recording which I wouldn’t do. The information about your firmware listed below and the directions on how to change the firmware if that is what you want to do.

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I had excessive battery use with Base firmware, but it was fixed for me with firmware I am still using firmware on the camera, and I have heard people say has a similar battery issue. So and appears to be working for me.