Battery stills drains

After updating firmware on the base station to and camera to outdoor camera still doesn’t last 48 hours. Sometimes is drained in 24 hours. Who knows how to fix this problem!!!

How old is the camera? How is the WI-FI signal to the cam. My 4 WCO that I installed in October 2020 have never had a battery issue (Yet) except one self inflicted one because I left the cam recording all day. I charge my cams when they reach 40% which is in 6-8 weeks and they do record events every day and night, some more than others. A weak signal from the base will kill the battery. My cams all have a good signal, I am doing scheduled event recording to the SD cards in the cams and the IR lights are on.

Thanks for your comment, but never had a problem until the firmware that had a bug in it that drained the battery. Wyze acknowledge this problem and “corrected” with the last update version but the battery still drains. The wifi is strong and all recommendations Wyze suggests have been complied with

You have a bad battery in camera do a warranty replacement at Wyze

Call support on the phone and tell them you already tried EVERYTHING… 1-844-999-3226 or 206-339-9646.

Thanks. A replacement is on its way

Great :grinning:

I finally gave up today and disconnected every one. I have 4 of them and at least one of them has constantly been on the charger. As soon as it’s charged, I hang it back up…a day later, another one is drained to 0%. Two again went from 99-100% to zero overnight. The third went from 100% to 42% in a day and a half. All of them worked fine for over a year (lasting months) and ever since the battery drain problem surfaced a few months ago, none of them are worth a crap anymore. Done.