Wyze notifications and grouping/reordering of devices in the app

This is for all devices that provide notifications, cameras, doorbells, etc. I have two dwellings to monitor and without setting up a separate account all cameras, doorbells, etc are listed in no particular order intermixing locations. Every notification comes across on my android with the same alert sound regardless of what it is. It would be helpful if you could get a notification sound different for the ringing of the doorbell then doorbell camera and other camera motion etc alerts. It would be helpful if you could have different sounding alerts for different doorbells. It would be helpful if you could group cameras etc by location on the app. And have different sounding alerts for the different groups. But lets start simple. How about a different sound for the doorbell then other notifications. And the ability to move or group devices on the app so you could see all devices atone site together and all the devices at another together. Or just let us move around the devices to be seen in the order a user would want. If there are such means, great but tech support said you can’t do any of theses. Thank you

Due to the Live Video Aspect Ratio for the doorbells being completely different from all the other cams, grouping of doorbells is not currently an available feature. It has been requested within the #wishlist:

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You do have the ability to group other cams and you can also custom reorder all of your groups, cams, and devices in the Home device list. Select the Pencil :pencil2: icon in the top right, select Edit Devices, and use the two bars to the right of each device or group to drag them into the order that suits you. This way, you can order them by residence address.

This has also been requested in the #wishlist:

Since you use Android, you may consider the option of using a third party App like, MacroDroid, BuzzKill, or Tasker that can add the capability for you to set a unique notification tone for every individual Wyze Cam, Device, and AI Object Tag among countless other customized tones.

I use MacroDroid and have 25 cams, each with a unique notification tone as well as special tones for Person, Pet, Package, Vehicle, Automation, HMS functions, motion sensors, contact sensors, climate sensors, leak sensors, thermostat, and vacuum.

Details on how to do this can be found in the following threads: