Add Video Doorbell to Camera Group

Recently installed my Wyze Video Doorbell and noticed I cannot add it to my Cameras group. I would love it if you were able to group them with my other cams. Thanks!

Yes, came here to request the same thing!


I’d very much like to have this same feature. I love the doorbell but this was a definite missed opportunity.


Who do we contact to request a PR for this? I don’t think it would require much work/testing to implement. This totally kneecaps to usefulness of the doorbell cam


Is this a feature that could be added? I assume it won’t add to a camera group because of the aspect ratio, but couldn’t you guys resolve this by letterboxing the stream?


In the Wyze app, I would like to see the ability to combine cameras and doorbells in same group. Right now you can’t combine doorbells into a group at all. I would like to put them in with my other camera groups.


Yes this would be a huge help… when you have as many cameras as I do, the groups are really important.


Easy, and common sense.

Allow we, the users of Wyze and Wyze Doorbell Cam to add the feed from the Doorbell Cam to our chosen groups !!


Came here to request the same thing.
At minimum please allow a doorbell group.
But most useful thing would be a mixed camera and doorbell group.
I want to be able to monitor the live view of multiple cameras at once, including my doors! Another commenter mentioned the different aspect ratio / orientation, but that’s easily solved for.
I also want to be able to create “indoor” and “outdoor” facing groups of cameras. Obviously doorbells are outdoor. It’s helpful when expecting guests for instance to be able to monitor all outdoor cameras to see when they’re arriving.
Finally I have a somewhat complex set of rules regarding detection and notification activation and deactivation, and the doorbell cameras should be part of the group actions on the outdoor group instead of managed separately.
PLEASE allow grouping of the doorbells. Thanks in advance for the consideration!


I 2nd this but I’m no longer interested in the doorbell camera and gifted to my dad. The aspect ratio of the camera does not meet my needs compared to the Nest doorbell I had originally. Good luck everyone!


Also want the video doorbell to become part of the camera group.


Basic ask, currently I can group all my V3 and V2 Cameras in a group to view all at once. Would be nice to include my door camera in that group as well, as I use a dedicated tablet to run video live the majority of the day.

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Ability to add Wyze Doorbell to Camera Group

I would like to be able to see all of my cameras on the front of my house on one screen.


Add my vote as well.

I’d really like to be able to add my Wyze Doorbell to a camera group.

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I would like to be able to add your video doorbell to my V3 camera group.

This a must implement and never should have been something that had to be requested for a “camera”. Or is the video doorbell not a camera perhaps, in that case it should have it’s own product category instead of being listed under “cameras”.

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Came here to add this to the wishlist, glad to see it’s already here. Implement please, thanks Wyze!


would also like to add my doorbell pro to my camera group, since now I have to go to two places to see my cameras.