Wyze Noise Cancelling Headphones lacks Seek (not skip) Fwd Back Feature!

It seems the Wyze Headphones cannot seek forward or back during a song or track. This is ESPECIALLY useful to those of us who listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Sometimes the mind wanders or we need to hear that last phrase again and “Seek” forward or backward within the track. This is different from the included feature of “Skip”.

ALL other bluetooth headsets I’ve used have had this feature! My current daily headset simply doubles the function of the Volume UP/Down buttons, by allowing a long-press of these buttons to function as a Seek Forward and Back.

While I admire the “fancy” features of the Wyze Headphones like hovering your hand over the side to temporarily disable noise cancelling to listen around you, etc., overlooked is this critical piece to make these headphones workable for me. I’m sure this could simply be a firmware upgrade.

Yes this is very disappointing to not have. Please fix this one fast!