Wyze Headphone Quick Conversation Feature (Pause Playback option)

When using the Quick Conversation feature, give the option to pause the playback. I listen to podcasts on my headphone and when using the quick conversation feature, the podcast continues and I’ve missed something and have to go back with the 3 play button presses.

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This may not be the solution your looking for, but you can take the headphones off to have a conversation and the audio will automatically pause. Then, you can put them back on and the audio will play again.

I agree it should be paused while it is covered, that is the essence of having a quick conversation,

I would like to use them for gaming. The problem is I only hear the game or discord. I am not able to get both.

The option to pause is a necessity. I use these on planes and would like to be able to listen to announcements or the flight attendants without missing my podcast or movie.

It does pause with the button between the volume(+) and volume(-)

There is a Pause button… but finding it, pressing it and then covering the right earcup negates the “quick” in the Quick Conversation feature.

Have Headphones Turn Down or Pause Audio Instead of Muting it?

I’ve been using Wyze’s noise-canceling headphones :headphones: for about a year now and have had one main problem with them.

I like how covering the right ear cup of the headphones causes it to go into transparency mode. My problem with this is that it completely mutes the audio without pausing it. This makes interruptions when listening to some audio feed such as a book or music a lot more difficult to deal with. :mute:

My recommendation is to have it either turn down the music when covering the right ear cup (kind of like Sony’s headphones) or have it pause instead of mute the audio. This will make it so that you don’t have to constantly rewind what you were listening to because someone wanted to talk to you.

Hope this makes sense,
– Fishy :fish: