Wyze-night-light any indication when charging complete

How do we know when charging is complete

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Charge Time is as follows:

I believe you know it is done when the red charging light is off. Have not needed to charge mine lately, so can’t remember.


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Appears amber/red charging light will turn off when charge completed. duh?


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I’ve been charging my new Wyzw Night Lights all day and there doesn’t seem to be any affirmative indication when they are fully charged.

The red light goes off eventually but without changing to a green light, I can’t be sure what the status is.

I have many rechargeable devices, like I’m sure everyone else has here. I don’t have any others that give so little indication as to the charging status. All my others either have a progress bar or the indicator changes color when finished charging. Plus, no matter how many times I unplug and plug the lights back in, the indicator light shows red for several minutes until it times out. That doesn’t give me confidence that the battery is full.

There’s not much in the included Quick Start Guide, but charging and status light are:


Yes, as I noted in the Quick Guide myself. But as I stated, the absence of a light emitting from the indicator doesn’t inspire confidence since it could be caused by other factors as well. It would be better if the indicator would actively assert its charging status by turning green, especially since I can quickly unplug and plug in the charging cable and get the red light indicator for several minutes again no matter how many times I do it.

I would also prefer to have control over whether the night lights emit light from the top, bottom or both. I don’t want light emitting from the top and being able to disable it would seem to promise longer battery life.

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You have some great ideas that should be added to the night light v2 wishlist topic: :+1:

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