Wyze Night Light - No Charger!

I received the night light today and there is no charger included. How do they expect you to use this without a charger? When I ordered this there was no mention of needing to purchase something else to use this. Was this a mistake? Did anyone else get one?

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It uses a standard USB-C charger. If you have an Android phone, you can potentially use that depending on when it was made.

I looked on the site and this is what was mentioned:

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Thanks so much! The instructions that come with these lights make no mention of what was needed. I did find a charger that appears to work, but this is the first item I ever bought that needs to be charged but doesn’t come with a charger.

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Just wanted to say they actually look nice where I have them, it’s has a candle light feel.


I got two sets of lights and most have discharged at the same time. Now I have the task of charging one at a time since I only have one USB-C connector,. Would be nice to get a plug where I could at least charge 3 at a time .

Yes, I had one recently stop working since I put all three up (it is in a place that’s dark all day, and I guess it gets tripped more than the other two, since it sees more traffic) and had almost forgotten that it’s battery-powered and needs charging periodically, since it’s been on so long without me worrying about it.

I charged it with my USB-C charger, but now it doesn’t trip the other two lights like it used to when I connected all three at the same time.

Does this mean you have to re-connect/sync all three if you are using them that way, each time one of them runs out of charge and has to be recharged? Seems like a bit of a task if you have them spread all over and need to get them all together again each recharge.

Hey *Bro,
Yes. They all, the ones that were synched have to be re-synched if they run out of power or if you move the switch to either on/off.

This is very easy to do, just gather them all and turn them off then turn them back to Auto and voila. It takes a few seconds and you can place them back on their spot.


Thank you for the helpful response, I shall do that.