Charging New Nightlights?

Just got our set of new nightlights - so stoked to add them to our Wyze family of products - already have Outdoor Cams and Floor Lamp. Went to charge them using the cord for the Outdoor Cams - and they’re not the same!

Help! Why wouldn’t that be a standard for newer products? I get it if they were years or many months old - the cams are probably 4 months old and the nightlights are still shipping the initial orders.

Can someone point me toward a way to find a charging cord for the new nightlights?

Didn’t you get a charging cord? Check the packaging carefully!

Welcome Wayne. The charging port is standard USB-C:


It uses the standard USB-C connector. If you have an Android Phone, you can use that connector for the lights.

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Any idea when these will get back in stock? I apparently missed initial release in late May and seems never re-stocked. I get the shipping issues so patiently await.