Night light charger

We just received the new night lights and they are great but I would like a recharging cord since the charging port isn’t compatable with anything I have.

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The Charging port is a standard USB-C connector. you can get one at any store: Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. You can connect it to a Power Brick you may have already. If it is a USB-A brick, you would need something like this:

Here is what they said about the charger:


Thanks for the quick reply!
We do not have a connector like this and have looked through all of ours so will get one.

Nothing I have gotten from Wyze before has a USB-C cable. Everything I have is a TRUE “STANDARD” charging cable. Just be warned, you can not run these in the ON position for more than 10 hours!!! I just called customer service because all of my “NIGHT LIGHTS” died after being on for 5 hours. Customer service said they were supposed to hold a charge for 10 hours if in the ON position. These are a joke and I am getting a refund.

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USB-C is a true “standard”. It simply isn’t the only one, but it is the latest. Pick up anything but a very low end current Android phone, and that is the connector that will be found on it. Even the current Fire HD tablets use it.

The charger that came with my Earbuds appears to fit the Nightlight.