Wyze Night Light v2 Ideas

Hi, new here also, hope this is the right place for this.

  1. The ability to turn on the top light and bottom light of the night light.
  2. The ability to dim the brightness of not just the light, but each light (top light, bottom light)
  3. The ability to either order different colors of lights, the ability to order a different color and manually change the color of the led, make them RGB and let us change between a million colors on the fly. (is there a diy video on changing out the led’s?)
  4. My wise doorbell chime is close enough to my wise nightlights…when the doorbell is pressed make the chime also flash the nightlights? (maybe not my best idea but if we could configure that in the doorbell app as a option would be nice)

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Great ideas.

I like the ideas you have come up with… a couple of mine would be:

  1. Increase the magnet strength so that our dog does not continue to knock them off the walls
  2. Allow for colored lights, so that you could theme your stairs
  3. Allow interactions with nightlights and other lights to act as motion sensor triggers for rooms as well

I would also like some pointing flexibility as well

I’d like to see them be made weatherproof so I can put them along my house and hang them on the steel siding.

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Select night light colors like color bulbs.

I agree that the Wyze Night Lights could benefit from some additional user controls, such as, the ability to switch from top light, bottom light or both which would seem to offer the benefit of conserving battery life (and I particularly don’t want light aiming up toward my eyes at night), as well as changing the battery charging indicator so that it turns green & affirms that the battery is fully charged. All the many other rechargeable devices I own either have a progress bar or an indicator that changes from red to green or blue when finished no matter how cheaply made or inexpensive they are. There are many reasons why the simple absence of the red light is not confidence building, including the fact that no matter how many hours I charge the night lights, I can unplug and plug them right in again and get a red indicator light for several minutes.

Combo nightlight and motion sensor?

Love (most) all that Wyze offers. I recently stayed in an Airbnb which I could tell had lots of smart home devices. One device that I noticed around the house was a plug in nightlight that also acted as a smart motion detector. I have 9 of the standalone rechargeable Wyze Nighlights which work great, but having a separate product option in the nighlight/motion detector category would seem to be a good addition to you product line… I currently integrate switches, outlets, various bulbs, Ring Doorbells, Ring Camera’s, Wyze camera’s, Smartthings door/windows sensors, motion detectors, Honeywell Tstats, Smoke/CO Detectors, etc… all thru various integrations with Ring, Smartthings, Alexa, Meross, TP-Link and SengledHome platforms seamlessly. I’m always (as well as others) looking for the next automation to trigger various sequence of events. Having innocuous looking nighlights that double as smart motion detector would have great use in turning on lights, triggering sirens and notifications especially at night or when away

Right, then add solar charging so as to be able to trigger a lighted outdoor path upon motion detection .

Night light accessories

Please modify or make door and motion sensors capable of connecting with Wyze nightlights.
Also outdoor versions of the nightlights would be wonderful.
Imagine landscape lighting that would illuminate when you opened the door and continued as long as you were moving in the area lighting paths or rooms as you entered even if you cannot locate the light in a way for its sensor to spot you. And connectivity to Wyze solar panel to keep them running in outdoor paths possibly another accessory so you could connect more than one night light to a solar panel.

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or this:

May also be of interest to you…

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I’d like the magnetic back have some sort of “lip” to the device so they stay straight on the wall. Right now when they get bumped they go crooked.

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I would love to see a new version of the Wyze Night Lights that are weather proof so that they work outside. I love the current product, and use it indoors on a staircase, but we also have outdoor stairs that would benefit from similar treatment, but I don’t think the existing product is weather proof.

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Product Dev - Outdoor version of Wyze night lights in both white and black

It would be great if Wyze could offer an outdoor version of their nightlights in both white and black colours.
They would be excellent for lighting steps and walkways and no hardwiring required. Please keep the same magnet connector, though you would need an outdoor grade adhesive like the 3M outdoor hooks have.
Not everyone has the sunlight required to use solar powered outdoor lights where they’d like lighting.
The Wyze Outdoor nightlight would be a winner for sure! Please offer black and white :blush: for colours.
Just check the metrics for outdoor lighting and total sales. Need more USB-C rechargeable options and outdoor nightlights would be a hit!

PS: more colour options for the indoor nightlights would be great too. That way Clients can match their decor.

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