Plug-in Nightlight (smart / multi-color / not with plug outlets)

I see a request for a night light with plugs. Why over complicate it? A simple smart color selectable nightlight could be used in multiple ways. The obvious way would be to use as a basic night light but with the ability to customize the color and brightness for your specific needs our a fun thing to use in a kids room. A broader use, and the one that I would be more more interested in, would be to use it as a smart notification/alert light. For example I would put one in my bedroom and have it normally be one color, but link it to a Wyze Sense on my garage door and have the light change to another color if the garage door is open. It would be quickly noticeable. A different color could be set to indicate if a smart lock is unlocked. There are times when notifications on a phone get missed or you have to turn them off for some reason and forget to turn them back on. A nightlight like this could be a simple/always on notification.

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I agree. I would prefer a plug-in device with a battery for power failures (and maybe an option to turn the light red when the power is off). I was interested until I got to the battery powered part.

I think the option of what meaning the colors have should be left open to the user. I currently use red night lights throughout my place to limit the, for lack of a better term, light pollution that the night lights create.

Non-Battery Smart LED Puck

I would like a smart led Puck from wyze that isn’t battery powered.

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