Not charging

Sometime overnight my camera battery went flat. The message on the app states" Critical battery. Please charge your camera".
I have had it on the charger for 8 hours, the red light is still flashing. The red light on the camera indicating charging only flashes when the camera button is off. Turning it on gives me no light at all.
On the app, it says the camera is offline, battery 0%.

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Welcome to the Wyze community!
Is the camera plugged into your base station to charge? The base station outputs the required amount of power for the camera to charge.

It is.

Try flipping the little on/off switch on the back of the camera. This can help sometimes.

I have done. If I turn it on, the red flashing light goes out, if I turn it off, then it begins to flash red again.

The red light should flash even if the camera is on.
The camera might be faulty.
It can’t be the base because the camera connected fine and the light turns on witch means the base is giving power.
It can’t be the cable because the power is going through.
I’d contact Wyze. and try to get a replacement camera.

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I submitted a ticket his afternoon. I had an email back with fairly basic info of things to try, all of which I had already done, but I’ve not heard back. Thanks for that.

Welcome abord @donnelly.kate Sounds like the battery is toast.
Replay back to support, ask for RMA and prepaid return label (if that is what you need).
If you get stuck, post your case number to @WyzeGwendolyn.


Thank you, I will do that. I have only ever charged it once before, and that seemed to work. I don’t know why it went sideways this time.

Yes, it sounds like the base is not putting out. You could try another cable and charger rated 2 amperes or more but either way would have to send them both back as a set.
I’m thinking when you are charging the battery and turn on the camera it is overloading the base, which should not happen.
It should only take 4~6 hours to charge.

I’ve just had a look at it. There are no lights on it at all now, 11 hours later, the red flashing one has stopped, and turning it off and on nothing happens at all now. Pity, I really liked this camera :confused:

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Yea, I liked it too but wouldn’t work for my use. The whole design is fixed on minding the battery. The IR detect is not as good as V2’s pixel detect. The camera sleeps to save power so has to turn on when motion detected. The communication distance from base to camera was a lot less then I could work with (aobut 30’).

There is a delay for sure. Sometimes, whatever has set it off has gone by the time I can get to look at it. Cats. I have apparently got cats hanging about, and a litter of feral kittens. I found two of them in the engine compartment of my car this week. Yikes. I 'd not have know they were there if not for the camera catching them. When it worked, it was great, now not so much.