Wyze Motion Sensor - How to trigger anothers Motion Sensor?

How could I configure a motion sensor could trigger others motion sensors?

That makes no sense? Why would you want to trigger a motion sensor? I mean, you could have sensor A trigger a Wyze plug to turn on a fan to trigger sensor B… But why?

Using sensor inside room there is a delay cause of cloud when turning on my lights through Alexa integration. I’m looking to put one sensor before entering room and another inside. Sensor inside could handle movements in order to avoid lights off.

Just set both sensors to turn the lights on.

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Ok. Any idea how to avoid entrance sensor do not trigger when leave the room? Or trigger sensor inside, so if movements no detected could turn lights off. That is specific situation.

If you’re leaving the room the inside sensor will see your motion and start whatever countdown you’ve set. The outside sensor will only be seconds behind that. Yes both sensors will turn the lights on. I don’t see a problem?

If you’re concerned about power you could make the delay short. Personally I like to use Alexa and just tell it to turn the light off.

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I dont have an echo in every room. My kid could forget turnning them off anyway.
The problem is outside sensor would trigger again when im leaving the room, cause would have cleared status by the time I was wandering inside the room; then would turn lights on again like I was entering in the room.

Set the inside motion sensor to turn off the light after 5 minutes of no motion or however long it takes for you to get out of range of the outside motion sensor.

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