Before I buy the bulbs

Here is what I want to do but want to make sure this is even possible before buying the bulbs. I finally have an idea for the motion sensor that came in the kit, I would like to buy the new bulbs and install in my garage. Then, have the motion sensor by the door leading into the house. I want the motion sensor to turn on the lights when it senses motion and then to turn the lights off when there is no motion for say 1 minute.

Is this possible with the Wyze bulbs and Wyze motion sensor from inside the Wyze app or if not is it possible with IFTTT? It must also be able to turn the lights off when there is no motion.

Then, I have a contact sensor on the big garage door itself. What I want is that when the garage door opens, that it then triggers the lights to also turn on. Not sure this is necessary as the motion sensor might sense motion and turn the lights on anyway but if not this would then be a good back up plan. However, would they conflict with each other and cause problems?


Please see the documentation posted on the support page.

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