Wyze Monitoring Hub dropping connectivity

My HMS Hub keeps randomly dropping its wireless connection. My cams and thermostats all stay connected.
Is anyone else having this issue?

Check the forum…there have been multiple posts about this in the past. What firmware is on the hub? Wyze allegedly released new firmware to fix the problem.


Bryan Buck

That is the current firmware version for the hub. If you are still losing the connection you should probably send a log and call support.

Also, you should edit the post you made and delete your phone number.

Ok thanks


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I might add that a modern router with WIFI 6 would benefit you. The buffers/caches/and other whatnots are more friendly to the current era’s streaming/constant connection needs.

I had weird issues and changed my router to a “TPLINK -AX1800”. Changed everything. I have a 250 MB Internet connection. 5 Cams/Thermostat/16 bulbs/switches/Netflix/video games/…

My internet never blinks an eye. Love it.

You could be having local internet issues (very hard to detect)… but if you have recently added devices or your internet usage has grown… you might look into an improved router. They are currently $75 on Amazon… so I guess I’m probably not even recommending the current gen… ha.


Hey Earl!
I have a TPlink AX21 which is working great except for the Hub.
Hopefully Wyze will push out a firmware update to address this issue


My Home Monitoring Hub is working with no issue. When I first got it, I had to long press the power (until the lights flashed) button every couple days to reset it.

Have you tried deleting everything and re-adding it? Clear APP Cache / force-close the app?

I have to do that with most every one of their products if something goes sideways.

I have not tried it but I will. Thanks for the tip