Wyze Mesh and Mesh Pro Antenna Patterns

Can I get 3D illustrations of the Wyze Mesh and Mesh Pro antenna patterns? This would greatly support planning for placement of the mesh routers in a mutli story home. And support the decision making on which version and how many to purchase. Having a radio transmitter background I can’t imagine the designers did not measure the patterns. Thank you

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The Internal Photos for the Wyze Mesh Router Pro have approved FCC confidentiality until 5/6/23.
I don’t know about “3D illustrations” but if you ask again in about a month (or check the FCC website yourself), part of your request will be possible through publicly available information showing pictures of the internals and I assume where the antennas are and how they are arranged. Seeing that layout may be sufficient to help you understand how the antennas are arranged if that is important to you.

Incidentally, they didn’t want adjustable antennas as they said in the video about making this device:

From what they have said publicly, it is designed specifically to work best when you have it sitting flat on a surface parallel to the ground. If you mount it on a wall, it will not work as well to get coverage everywhere.


Thanks but I am not concerned about the physical antenna configuration within the device. I am only interested in the RF propagation pattern produced by the antennas. That is the 3D pattern (and ranges / signal drop off) that I would like to see. An internal picture of the antennas might indicate some things about the RF pattern but without full knowledge of the antenna construction and specs (and an EE degree) there is no way to predict the pattern. Also the external construction of the case etc would impact that pattern. So for the those of us with a minimum background in RF propagation the measured RF pattern is most valuable.

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