Wyze Lock - Unlocked - Remote - on it's own

I called my wife at home @ 2pm from work, In that conversations she tells me that the Wyze Color Bulbs that trigger by Rule when the Wyze Lock is UNLOCKED occurred at 1:45pm

The Lock is installed in the Door to the Garage from our Laundry Room.

My wife says she was not using her phone at this time. I was over 8 miles away, and not using my phone at 1:45pm.

I checked the events of the Wyze Lock:

Neither my wife or I were using our iPhones at 1:45pm, and thus were not in the Wyze App. I was over 8 miles from home at work at 1:45pm

What or Who would of caused the Lock to Auto Unlock at 1:45pm?

I logged a ticket with Wyze Support, and hopefully they can determine what caused the lock to unlock on it’s own.

If I didn’t have a rule setup to trigger lights in my ceiling fan, and my wife wasn’t home to see this issue occur, I probably would of never realized this occurred.

This is why I have this on the inside door to the garage, and not my front door. If it were on my front door, and my wife wasn’t home, I could of had an unlocked door available for anyone to potentially enter my home.

Anyone else seen this occur with their Wyze Lock?


Interesting, the only thing I can think of is a weird bug or someone has access to your account. I would recommend changing your password, enabling 2fa, and contacting security@wyze.com

2fa has been enabled for awhile now.

I’ll send an email to security@wyze.com if I don’t hear something back by tomorrow.

I submitted a log with the online chat tech support session.


I don’t have the Wyze lock but can offer a possible reason.

My smart home includes, among other things, a Kwikset 914 lock that is controlled by Hubitat. Hubitat uses rules also, and the rule I made unlocks the front door when both my and my wife’s iPhone are close enough to join the WiFi.
Perhaps one of your phone’s WiFi disconnected then reconnected. Do you have it so the lock unlocks when both of you arrive or either one arrives?