WYZE Lock. Share Control


Can more than one person have full control of the lock?

I set up a WYZE Lock for my mom using her phone and Google Nest Hub and shared it with my phone. It works well.

However, it doesn’t seem I can monitor the Events Log from my phone, nor can I share the lock.

Is it possible to do these things on my phone?

(I’m worried that if I have to use my phone to set up the lock, I won’t be able to integrate it with my mom’s Google Nest Hub. )

Depending on what you mean by full control…yes and no.
Yes multiple people can control opening and closing the lock remotely from their phones.
No, shared accounts do not have access to all the settings, only the primary device user can change most of the settings.

I will show you some obvious differences between the primary user and the shared user. My Primary user account has forced dark mode on, so it will probably look different from yours (Mostly black instead of white).

The Primary user will be able to see all the events while the shared user will not:

The primary user gets access to all these settings while the shared user only gets a couple:


Correct. Events are only accessible by the primary user. Shared users are not allowed to share the lock for the safety of the primary user. This way the primary user maintains exclusive control over their lock.

Absolutely. Either:

  1. Log into the primary user’s account on your phone when you want to access these other features
  2. Delete the lock from the primary user’s account, then redo setup on the lock and this time set it up under your account as the primary user and then share it with them to be a shared user instead.
  3. Set it up on a 3rd account that both you and the other person can log into and use sometimes.

That’s a good question. I have never tried this with the locks. The closest I was able to do easily as a test for you right now is to check and see if a shared camera shows up in Google and Alexa. So I went to a secondary account and shared that camera to my Wyze account that is connected to both Google and Alexa, and I can confirm that Google and Alexa both work well with a shared camera device.

I cannot confirm if things would be different for a shared door lock or not though. It may depend what you want to do with it (I assume tell it to lock or to unlock with the passcode). My intuition is that it should still work with a shared lock since lock is a universal trigger, and unlock is actually set up through Google and Alexa wherein you have to set up the pin number you want Google or Alexa to agree to for unlocking (and it has permission through the Wyze credentials you gave it, and that Wyze account has the credentials through the primary user sharing it). So if that is all you want to do with it, my expectation is that it should still work for a shared account. But I cannot be 100% confident unless it is tested and confirmed. If you do so, please write back and let us know.


Thanks for your super comprehensive easy to understand reply Carverofchoice.

Seems logging in as my mom on the WYZE app on my phone is the easiest solution. I’ve tried it and it seems both phones now have ‘full control’.

My concerns now are:

  1. will some random security check require me to confirm my identity, which without her phone I may not be able to do.

  2. will some extra security be added in the future which will require me to confirm my identity, which without her phone I may not be able to do.

  3. will I trigger some security feature when I travel, including abroad?