1 lock, 2 phones..want FULL control from both phones

I want to know if the following is possible…I have two phones, and I want FULL control with each for my lock. Sharing is NOT the answer, as auto lock (and a few other settings) are not available on the shared phone. This is important, as I want my wife to be able to set a different value when I am not home. Any help would be appreciated.


Have both phones logged into the same account - but I don’t have a lock so I can’t test that.

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For now, you can share your User Name Password and she’ll have full control of everything. I did that with my wife for a long time until we got a scale and needed separate accounts.

Now she still has my username and PW saved and logs into my account if she needs full control of something for a minute.

Also, Wyze is working on an improved Sharing system, so there could be a better long term resolution coming up in our future. This is just a work around for now.


Thank you for the quick reply. Just to make sure I understand: If I have full lock control from phone A, I should install the Wyze app on phone B using the same username and password as on A? This is not the same as “sharing”?

Ah, yes, I see the miscommunication that could apply here. I will try to check with my wife’s phone later to be sure. When I said “sharing” I was talking about in the app, you click on the Account Tab then “Sharing” tile there, then sharing the lock with someone else’s own personal Wyze account (wife, kids, etc). Sometimes this kind of “Sharing” of a device (to a different account with a different username and password of their own) doesn’t include all the options/settings that the main account (yours which originally activated the device) has. So if they are missing some settings, that is when your wife can use your username or password (a different kind of sharing) and log in and make any changes to the lock (or other devices) while she is home and you are away. Then she will have full admin access to the lock while you’re away to change ANY settings she wants because it would be the exact same thing as if YOU made the changes (rather than her own personal sub-account trying to make changes).

I hope that helps to clarify. It still may not be exactly what you are looking for, and hopefully Wyze comes out with better sharing options in the future, so we can all just use our own separate accounts for everything, rather than having to log in to the administrator account (your account) to have access to all the settings. I know they are also working on settings that would take into account the location of each family member. So Wyze would be able to tell if you are away and she still at home and act differently than if you are both away or both home. But this is not yet available. It is just something they said they are working on setting up for us.

I have 1 account and I am able to log in on 2 devices, mine and my wife’s. I have a Wyze Lock and my only issue is the auto-unlock feature. Sometimes it doesn’t work when one of us is at home and the other arrives. It doesn’t even work sometimes when we both arrive at the same time.

I suspect that it’s confusing the system due to the location data from both devices. Anybody from Wyze support can confirm this?