Wyze lock question

I have two Wyze cams and love them but I’m looking into the lock now, my daughter tends to forget her key, then she’ll use the hide a key and leave it inside when she leaves again, teenagers :roll_eyes:. I’m curious about how the sharing works for the lock, if I add someone to it so it unlocks for them does it give them access to the whole Wyze app? Will they also have access to the cameras?

Hello @ChrisRosko, that is a good question.

There are two ways to give your daughter access to the lock:

  1. Share your account with her, this would give her control to everything you have. Not the option you are looking for.

  2. Have your daughter set up her own WYZE account, then you share the lock with her. This will allow her access to the lock and will keep everything else private. Doing it this way you can share as many or as few devices as you want.

Great thank you, exactly what I needed to know and sounds great