Wyze Lock problems

Wyze lock is horrible. Constant issues. Constant “system busy” message. Location triggers 90% of the time do not work. Horrible.

Welcome to the community @rctmr2, sorry to hear you are having an issue . I am a community volunteer and try to provide assistance when needed.

I have a Wyze Lock and am not experiencing any issues. Can you please provide a bit more information?

  • At what point do you see “System Busy”?
  • How are you triggering the location triggers? Asking because you have to be far enough away from your system to have it recognize you are not home.
  • What Device are you using? iPhone or Android?
  • Can you provide the version number of the App you are using?
  • Can you provide the Firmware of the Lock you are using?
  • Have you contacted Wyze with your issues? If so can you provide the Ticket Number and log number here?

It says system busy when I try to remotely unlock my door via app.

Yes location trigger and yes I know how it works. I know i need to be outside the set parameters of the geofence.

App version 2.39.0 Iphone
Lock version